Recorded Webinar: Talking Points Standardize Evidence-Based Messaging about Lactation and Human Milk for Healthy and at-Risk Populations

In healthy populations, exclusive breastfeeding during the maternity hospitalization is linked to the receipt of colostrum, the avoidance of bovine protein and the optimization of maternal milk supply during critical developmental windows for both infants and mothers. Similarly, the feeding of mothers’ own milk in the NICU is an evidence-based, cost-effective strategy for reducing the risk of multiple potentially preventable complications of prematurity.  However, this evidence spans a broad body of clinical and basic science literature, so even in-depth staff education does not translate this evidence into accurate and actionable information for recipient families.  The purpose of “talking points” about lactation and human milk is to provide a resource for staff to educate families, answer common questions, and standardize messaging so that families receive the same information from the health care team. This presentation reviews three sets of “talking points”:   Exclusive Breastfeeding During the Maternity Hospitalization; Providing Mothers’ Own Milk to Infants at Risk and Understanding Donor Human Milk.  Recommendations for implementation in the clinical setting are included.


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