Protecting the Feeding Experience of the Neonate

One of the most common practices in the NICU is the use of a gastric tube for enteral feedings. Neonates who are sick or born too prematurely are often unable to take adequate nutrition without the use of a tube. Early direct breastfeeding is often quite successful but, in some cases, must be supplemented with tube feedings. Due to long term effects of parental nutrition, as well as known risks of no enteral feeding such as necrotizing enterocolitis, it is desirable to start enteral feeds early, even in very premature and ill newborns. However, there are known risks to the use of a tube that will be addressed and discussed in this presentation. One of the greatest challenges in preparing a premature infant for discharge is to ensure adequate oral intake to maintain weight gain. This can lead to prolonged hospitalization or gastrostomy tube placement and feeding that may be difficult for parents to accept. Clinical practices that involve parents in the tube feeding of their infant, decrease pain associated with the feeding experience and some recent research that may lead to earlier discharge while maintaining patient safety will be discussed as well.


  • Describe potential nutrient loss associated with tube feedings including macronutrients in human milk critical for infant growth
  • Discuss clinical challenges and remedies in the use of ENFit® tubing connections
  • Discuss recommendations for early direct breast feeding and management of tube feedings in neonates
  • Identify potential long-term effects of neonatal tube feedings and transition to discharge


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Protecting the Feeding Experience of the Neonate 
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